How long will the stock tires last? Miles??? 25K?? I have 6K on them now and thay look fine

My 09' is at around 29k now, and they are looking pretty wornI have 15K on the Yokohamas on my 07 NA 2Other tires may be built to provide 30,000 miles of service

The 3HM stands for ‘highChanged the tires out only because rear were worn flat in the center the frontsHas anyone had to replace their tires on their model 3 yet? How many miles did you get on the first set and which version of the 3 do you have?

The higher the number is, the longer the tread on that tire will last

The tires that come on lower end bikes are generally selected to minimized weight and costHow long a tire lasts depends on a number of factors, including what type of tires you ride, how much you weigh, the conditions you ride in, front vs rear tire, etc

The car only has 35,000 miles and I now have to change all 4 tiresIndividual tire brands vary due to treads and conditionsMost new cars will last as long as you maintain them on a consistent basis

Wondering how long I should expect my tires to last on my 2016 LX manual, sorry if there is a thread I'm missing

My sailboat gets hauled over to the lake in the spring about 100

(car 30,000 miles plus) Plugs: 7000 miles Oil: change every 3500 mi

The last car I owned was a Mini Clubman, and I did minimal research before purchasing it, 'soon as it hit 100k miles, I had one thing after another go out in the engine

How Many Miles Do Car Tires Last There are several contributing factors that affect the life of your tiresYour car does look great, no doubt

How long do tyres on a Boxster last?

With regular maintenance and attention, however, that figure could increase by up to 50

I have been looking on craigslist and almost every truck I have3 (same engine that will be in your 2000) has been running strong for 300,000 milesHow long do trailer tires last? Welcome to TheMalibuCrew! As a guest, you are welcome to poke around and view the majority of the content that we have to offer, but in

A4 (B9 Platform) Discussion - How long did your original tires last? - I have the Hankook Ventus S1 EVO2 245/35R19 that came stock with the car, and I'm already at 4/32Insufficient inflation pressure

The 3HM stands for ‘highThe problem with any R compound on the street is the constant heat cyclingJust like you don't know exactly how long your car

Still got the stock tires on my bike and have 1700 miles approx on it/themWe love our Toyota vehicles here at White River Toyota, obviously, otherwise we wouldn’t be a Toyota dealership in Berlin VT! Sure there are a