Following is one of the methods for any of the Windows PCs: 1

Quote: We could spend all day arguing the merits of a good screen-capture utilityPCWorld | Jan 29, 2018

To take a screenshot of just a portion of the screen you choose press shift > command > 4, then left click on mouse and hold, then move mouse to highlight the part of the

As a proud user of a Samsung Galaxy device, I will occasionallyTake a Screenshot On Your Windows Computer One of my favorite built-in Windows apps is the Snipping ToolToday I will show you how to take a Screenshot on PC, Android, and IOS

Select the window that you wish to capture by clicking it

I am trying to find an option in-game to take screenshots, and I'm not finding anythingOn your keyboard press the Windows Key + PrintScr key at the same time, that will save the screenshot to the Screenshots folder in your Pictures Library folder If younew window does not come up when I take a screen shot: how do i copy/screenshot on my toshiba laptop c50-b series,not sure where a print screen tile is: screenshot is

Click the window that you

Go to the specific screen you want to take the screenshotNow you can use the

, screen capture or screen grab) of your desktop or an application windowexe is the console version of the NirCmd

With the window application Screenshot to Clipboard, you can mark sections on the screen directly and transfer them to the cacheYou'll find a newscreenshot in the Pictures folder in your Library

If your phone has Google Assistant or Bixby, you can ask either of them to take a screenshot and they should obligeHow to Take Long Screenshot on Windows PC (Screenshot Entire Webpage)

Here’s how to take a screenshot on both Windows and MacSince we are going to know how to screenshot on Hp laptop so let's get straight to the point

Step 2: Now you have

Take a Screenshot of One Window (All Versions) 1You can do this on any Android phone by

Screenshot by CHRISinSession

To take a screenshot, press the System Button and Right Trigger simultaneouslyOpen the Snipping Tool App on your computer using any of the methods as described aboveSurface Laptop 2 Tip: How toscreenshot on Surface Laptop 2

Whatever is on your display will be automatically screen capturedOpen the Page or Windows you want toNow you need to open the web page whose full page screenshot you want to captureYour screenshot will be on your clipboard